About Grønvang

A Fully Automated Production Facility

GRØNVANG is one of the most modern margarine factories. The production facility is fully automated and offers great flexibility as far as packaging and quality requirements are concerned.

GRØNVANG is authorised as a dairy, with a fully implemented, approved and certified quality system. This means that GRØNVANG today produces melange products of dairy cream and vegetable oil.

Automation of the many work processes means that a total of 32 employees are able to produce more than 50-60,000 tons of margarine each year.

Flexibility and up-to-date ideas make the company an excellent alternative for all customer groups, both on the domestic market as well as the world market with in the segments retail, bakery, industrial and wholesale.

GRØNVANG margarine is made exclusively of vegetable oils. Flavour, colour and vitamins are added as requested by the customer.