Pastry 15


Vegetable margarine 60

Unique Bake Soft

Nille 500 g block

Frying Oil

Såsbase (“Sauce base”)

Nille 40%

Gronvang Baking/Frying

Svaneborg (2 kg sheets/plates)

Gronvang Spray Fat

Soft Cake

Pastry 18

Firm Cake

The history of Grønvang

Grønvang was build in 1994 and is to this day still one of the most modern margarine factories worldwide. In the beginning Grønvang was owned by the Johnny Vang Lauridsen family but in 1996 the dutch family owned company Royal Brinkers Group, which was established in 1878. The Brinkers Group was at the time a magarine-, cake- and dessert division.

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